A treatment will involve feeling and stretching slowly into your fascial network, working through fascial restrictions. It is a very different sensation to that of massaging muscles, tendons and the ligaments of the body. It is more of a slow, sustained, deep pressure that is applied, allowing the fascia to elongate naturally and return to it’s normal resting length. The treatment takes in to consideration not what I see in the patient’s postural assessment but works directly with what I feel and sense from palpating and treating the body.
Fascia surrounds, infuses and protects every tissue, tendon, muscle, bone, ligament and organ of the body. In healthy conditions the fascial system is relaxed and wavy in configuration. This provides a cushioning and supportive mechanism allowing us to move safely without restriction or pain. Fascia like muscle, has the ability to contract and relax and plays a major role in mobility and stability of joints. Following any physical and emotional trauma or through poor posture, this fascia can scar and harden pulling underlying muscles and joints out of alignment, therefore causing aches and pains throughout the body.